Clean Our Oceans

Body of Water during Dawn

There is a karmic connected adage in more than one faith or philosophy that basically says “what you do will return to you”, be that good or ill. That is no less true in regards to our garbage. Our garbage infects our land, rivers, wells, atmosphere, Skunk Poopand our oceans. While most of it is of concern, I want to concentrate on the oceans.

When there are millions of tons of garbage from the oceans, ninety-percent of it’s plastic. The motives plastic is so attractive to us are the very reasons it is so dangerous in our oceans: It is cheap and durable. Vinyl goes through a process of photo-degrading, meaning it divides into smaller and smaller bits over time. So tiny, in reality, that most aren’t visible to us.

A number of you might have heard of the great ‘garbage patches’ from the oceans, or gyres. In fact, these patches are for the most part comprised of the very small parts of invisible plastic mentioned before. Not visible does not mean it is not dangerous though.

Thousands and thousands of marine life are killed annually as a result of our garbage from the oceans. It is eaten by birds that then afterwards starve or dehydrate, it blocks the sun that algae and plankton must endure, it entangles whales, turtles, snakes, dolphins and other marine life. Eventually we wind up consuming our own garbage also by means of eating the fish that have eaten the plastic we have carelessly tossed in their habitat. The harmful and even fatal effects of ingesting plastic or eating hot food that has touched plastic was well recognized. We’re not just killing the marine life in the oceans and destroying our stunning waters, we are slowly poisoning ourselves too.

But that is only part of the issue. Given that the plastic from the oceans now won’t degrade for centuries, we will need to discover a way to clean out the waste that is now in the water. Cleaning up the garbage we could actually see is a massive job in itself, but it is only 10 percent of the issue. And given that the majority of the invisible plastics from the oceans have been in international waters, it is tough to convince any one government to take responsibility and put forth the time, effort, study, and resources required to even touch this issue. Following are some possible solutions to a severe problem that most of us have to work together to fix. All are extremely innovative, and some are more viable than others. Maybe the solution is not merely one of these alternatives, but a few or all of them. They may require funding and all need more study. I urge everyone to have a look at every one of these, keep tabs on them, and encourage these sort of endeavors.

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