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When it comes to music, the planet has a few EDM growth numbers that prove just how valuable music is to society. Music, more specifically EDM, or electronic dance music, has made quite the impact these past couple of years toward their target market and listeners throughout the world. Just in the U.S. alone, there are several things that prove exactly how much the EDM market is beginning to grow in the country. Here area few statistics that show the effect that electronic dance music has been having on the masses who listen to music daily.


In 2018, Billboard released a market statistic that proved the worth and value of the digital dance music industry. In this statistical statement, the company reveals a 12-percent growth within one year where many changes took place with this musical revolution. EDM has since been integrated in various genres and subgenres, though it has made quite the name for itself too. While the overall market has been growing, there are a couple of submarkets that have integrated into this market development.

One of the biggest helpers in this EDM market increase was YouTube. Just in the past couple of years alone,YouTube has integrated for at least three different areas of subscribers. 60-percent growth has been seen on smartphones of all kinds, 77-percent on televisions, and 175-percent on all gaming consoles. The YouTube versions of the records released had grossed a total of 2.3 billion views. This is a mixture of videos. This growth for EDM on YouTube has brought a few numbers up in the total market.

Another major supporter of this general growth trend in the electronic music section is the festivals and tickets to various festivals and concerts. In the past few years, the 2017 earnings from festivals and tickets to festivals are grossed around 146,999,963 total tickets. The money value for every ticket differs, which makes the annual festival season the biggest times of the year for sales in the electronic dance music department. This has also integrated with that overall growth number cited at the beginning.


2018 seems to have been the big starting year for EDM. In 2017, along with the intense overall expansion, 12 of the largest clubs in the U.S. alone began to play with EDM in their own clubs. These clubs include places like Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Generated and combined to come up with a total of $900 million just in 2016. It is safe to say that these numbers have grown in the last few years as the popularity of electronic dance music has grown as well.


Albums that specialize in digital dance music has also contributed to the overall development of the genre of music. In 2014, there were 12 EDM specific albums that were known at the top 100 selling albums during that year. This means that 12 records, covered in electronic dance music, sold enough albums to be in the top 100 albums for that year. Considering how many people were entranced with the music enough to purchase albums is just 1 reason why EDM has increased considerably in the last couple of years.


147,000,000 EDM festival tickets are sold yearly
The global economic worth of the EDM Industry is currently estimated at $7.1 Billion
Only 45 percent of EDM listeners are feminine
In Europe, 1 in 7 people have recently attended an EDM occasion
North America is estimated to represent around 29 percent of the EDM industry
Spotify commands 12 billion flows from digital music genres exclusively

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